Upgrading is an important, though expensive, process. Every hero has an Upgrade Level, ranging from +0 to +7. As a hero gains Upgrade Levels, their ATK, DEF, and HP increase. Upon reaching +7, and assuming they are at level 30 and below a 6-Star Grade, they qualify to be Combination Material.

About UpgradingEdit

To access the Upgrade screen, select the hero you wish to Upgrade from the Hero/Item screen. From there, select Upgrade on the right-hand side of the screen. You'll be presented with a selection of heroes to use as material on the right. You may use up to six heroes as material at once to Upgrade your chosen hero. Depending on the chosen hero, it costs a set amount of Gold per material chosen. Also, the grade and upgrade level of the material hero dictates the amount of points the chosen hero will be upgraded. Once you've chosen your materials, just hit the Upgrade button.

Information TablesEdit

Grade Points As
Points Required
Per Level
Total Points
Cost Per
1star 13 13 91 1500
2star 25 25 175 3000
3star 50 50 350 6000
4star 125 125 875 9000
5star 250 250 1750 12000
6star 500 500 3500 15000
7star 1000 1000 7000 18000
Grade +1 +2 +3 9999999999 +5 +6 999999999999999999
9999999999999 13 999 99999999999999999999
999999999999 9999 99999 9999999999999 999999999999999999999
999 50 65 9999999 99999999999999999999
9999999 99999 99 99999999999 999999999999999999999999999
999 9999999999 999999 99999999999999999999
9999 999 999999 999 99999999999999999999
99999999 999999999 9999

Additional NotesEdit

Also, if a hero is equipped with anything when being used as Upgrade material, the equipped items will be lost.

Finally, there exist five heroes known as Red Hatzling, Green Hatzling, Blue Hatzling, Silver Hatzling, and Gold Hatzling. They are 1 through 5-Star heroes respectively and will provide triple the Upgrade experience for their grade when used as material.

Extreme UpgradeEdit

As of a recent update, the method of Extreme Upgrading has become available as a means to surpass the +7 upgrade limit on 6-Star heroes. Extreme Upgrading works similar to a Combination, however there are different requirements.

To perform an Extreme Upgrade, the base hero needs to be of grade 6-Star, be at level 30, and have an upgrade level of +7, +8, or +9. Then it must be combined with a second copy of the base hero. However, level and upgrade level of the material hero is irrelevant. This results in an upgrade level +1 higher than before.


Usually, the level cap of a hero is level 30. However, a player may opt to Transcend a 6* or Awakened hero beyond that level cap. To do so, the player must posses an extra 6* copy of the hero in question. For instance, to Transcend Light Sword Sion or Awakened Sword Sion, a copy of Light Sword Sion must be used. By doing so, the level cap of the hero will be raised by two. This process can be done a total of five times, raising the maximum level cap to 40. The raised level cap of a 6* Hero carries over to the Awakened version of the Hero as well.

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