Supporter Stats

  • Skill- {{{skillname}}} (Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}sec): {{{skilldescrip}}}
  • Bonus Effect- {{{effectname}}}: {{{effectdescrip}}}
  • Supporter Effect- Transfer {{{supatk}}}% of your Attack Power, {{{supdef}}}% of your Defense, and {{{suphp}}}% of your HP to the Leader.

Dimension Gate and Special Dungeon

Hero Page6 may be used in the following Dimension Gates:

Hero Page6 may also be used in the EX Stage of the following Special Dungeon:

Template documentation follows
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When making a 6* Hero Page, paste the entirity of the code here into it and fill in the slots. Trivia can be added separately, if necessary. Also note that grade is already filled in. If you are NOT making a 6* Hero page, please refer to Template:Hero Page or Template:Hero Page7.

{{Hero Page6
|speechquote = Spoken line when viewing hero
<!--start infobox-->
|caption = Taken from Hero Book
|gender = Male or Female
|atktype = Melee or Ranged
<!--Attack, Defense, and HP are taken from highest level and Upgrade level-->
|maxatk =
|maxdef =
|maxhp =
|atkspeed = 
|mobility = 
|crtrate = 
|tab = 
|subtab =
|class = 
|alignment = 
|evolvefrom =
|evolveto =
<!--end infobox-->
|description = 
|exstage =
|awakening = 
<!--start support-->
|skillname = 
|cooldown = 
|skilldescrip = 
|effectname = 
|effectdescrip = 
|supatk = 
|supdef = 
|suphp = 
<!--end support-->
The end result can be seen on and hero page, such as Duke Dmitry.
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