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Supporter Stats

  • Skill- {{{skillname}}} (Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}sec): {{{skilldescrip}}}
  • Bonus Effect- {{{effectname}}}: {{{effectdescrip}}}
  • Supporter Effect- Transfer {{{supatk}}}% of your Attack Power, {{{supdef}}}% of your Defense, and {{{suphp}}}% of your HP to the Leader.

Dimension Gate

Hero Page may be used in the following Dimension Gate:

Template documentation follows
Note: the template above may sometimes be partially or fully invisible.
Visit Template:Hero_Page/doc to edit this documentation. (How does this work?)

When making a non-6* Hero Page, paste the entirity of the code here into it and fill in the slots. Trivia can be added separately, if necessary. You you are making a 6* or 7* Hero page, see Template:Hero Page6 or Template:Hero Page7 respectively. Infobox images are pulled from the PAGENAME code, so make sure the image being used is named PAGENAME.PNG.

{{Hero Page
|speechquote = Spoken line when viewing hero
<!--start infobox-->
|caption = Taken from Hero Book
|grade = Number Only
|gender = Male or Female
|atktype = Melee or Ranged
<!--Attack, Defense, and HP are taken from highest level and Upgrade level-->
|maxatk =
|maxdef =
|maxhp =
|atkspeed = 
|mobility = 
|crtrate = 
|tab = (Twilight Heroes, Damas Warriors, etc should be entered here, exactly the way they appear in the Hero Book. If none, delete variable.)
|class = (Attack, Defense, All-Around, or Support should be entered here, exactly that way.)
|alignment = (Human, Beast, Fairy, or Demon should be entered here, exactly that way.)
|evolvefrom =
|evolveto =
<!--end infobox-->
|description = 
<!--start support-->
|skillname = 
|cooldown = Number Only
|skilldescrip = 
|effectname = 
|effectdescrip = 
|supatk = Number Only
|supdef = Number Only
|suphp = Number Only
<!--end support-->
The end result can be seen on and hero page, such as Dark Dmitry.