Give up now! You'll never win!

Supporter StatsEdit

  • Skill- Pulverizing Blow (Cooldown 17sec): Inflict 228% of the Attack Power as damage with a pulverizing blow to multiple enemies.
  • Bonus Effect- Stun: Stuns the attacked enemy with a 65% chance for 4sec.
  • Supporter Effect- Transfer 17% of your Attack Power, 33% of your Defense, and 26% of your HP to the Leader.

For list of possible Awakened Skills, see Awakening.

Dimension Gate and Special DungeonEdit

Storm Warrior Ian may be used in the following Dimension Gates:

  • Hero Dungeon
  • Advanced Pet Dungeon

Storm Warrior Ian may also be used in the EX Stage of the following Special Dungeon:

  • Bravery Dungeon

Awakening MaterialsEdit

The following materials are needed to Awaken Whirlwind Warrior Ian into Storm Warrior Ian:

Peace Awakening Materials
Material Number Needed Material Number Needed
Peace Rune 1 45 Peace Rune 2 35
Peace Rune 3 45 Peace Rune 4 35
Peace Orb 40 Peace Chalice 35
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