Pet BookEdit

Normal Pet
Pet Grade Buff Debuff
Glutton Poly 1star Leader Defense N/A
Gourment Poly 2star Leader Defense N/A
Gourmand Poly 3star Leader Defense N/A
Explorer Genie 1star Summon Time N/A
Adventurer Genie 2star Summon Time N/A
Traveler Genie 3star Summon Time N/A
Musician Popo 1star Recovery Skill N/A
Great Musician Popo 2star Recovery Skill N/A
Head Musician Popo 3star Recovery Skill N/A
Toy Cannon Cano 1star Attack Skill N/A
Fire Cannon Cano 2star Attack Skill N/A
Magic Cannon Cano 3star Attack Skill N/A
Naughty Percy 1star Leader HP N/A
Troublemaker Percy 2star Leader HP N/A
Brat Percy 3star Leader HP N/A
Prim Kitty Lulu 1star Leader Attack N/A
Chic Kitty Lulu 2star Leader Attack N/A
Arrogant Kitty Lulu 3star Leader Attack N/A
Metal Robot Alpha-T 2star Leader Defense N/A
Tin Robot Alpha-T 3star Leader Defense N/A
Steel Robot Alpha-T 4star Leader Defense CC Resist (Guild Battle)
Brave Doggy 2star Leader Defense N/A
Loyal Doggy 3star Leader Defense N/A
Honest Doggy 4star Leader Defense CC Resist (Arena)
Naughty Rong 2star Leader Attack & HP N/A
Brat Rong 3star Leader Attack & HP N/A
Troublemaker Rong 4star Leader Attack & HP All Resist (Guild Battle)
Blue Crest Fry 2star Leader HP N/A
Green Crest Fry 3star Leader HP N/A
Red Crest Fry 4star Leader HP Elemental Resist (Guild Battle)
Winter Paul 2star Leader Attack & Defense N/A
Antarctic Paul 3star Leader Attack & Defense N/A
Bitter Winter Paul 4star Leader Attack & Defense All Resist (Arena)
Sea Warrior Mr. T 2star Leader HP N/A
Sea Hero Mr. T 3star Leader HP N/A
Sea General Mr. T 4star Leader HP Elemental Resist (Arena)
Event Pet
Pet Grade Buff
Sprout Fairy Mumu 1star Defense & HP
Flower Fairy Mumu 2star Defense & HP
Forest Fairy Mumu 3star Defense & HP

Special Pet
Pet Grade Skill 1 Skill 2
Miner Moley 4star Decrease Monster Stats
(Dimension Gate)
Acquire Gem Pieces
(Dimension Gate)
Thrifty Piggy 4star Decrease Monster Stats
Acquire Gold
Book Fairy Bookie 4star Decrease Monster Stats
Increase Hero Drop
Excavator Mory 4star Decrease Monster Stats
(Tower of Devils)
Increase Devil Piece Drop
(Tower of Devils)
Thief Stilla 4star Decrease Monster Stats
(Distorted Dungeon)
Increase Shard Drop
(Distorted Dungeon)

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