This is a link page for all Heroes to their own stat pages. For a sortable table of all 6-Star and Awakened Heroes, please see Heroes by Stats.

Hero BookEdit

Awakened Heroes
Hero Grade Class Alignment Relation
Awakened Sword Sion 7star Attack Human Creation
Invincible Lyonnesse (Awakened) 7star All-Around Human Peace
Awakened Ifrita 7star All-Around Human Creation
Lethal Lana 7star All-Around Human Peace
Ice King Dean 7star Attack Human Creation
Great Saintess Tia 7star Support Human Peace
Holy Arrow Darek 7star Attack Human Destruction
Destructive Ciel 7star Attack Human Creation
Nurse Goddess 7star Support Human Destruction
Fatal Shot Kana 7star Attack Human Creation
Great Judge Ent 7star Support Human Creation
God of Hunting Warp 7star Attack Human Creation
Dark Music Song 7star Attack Human Peace
Glorious Cynthia 7star Support Human Peace
Warrior Mistra (Awakened) 7star All-Around Human Destruction
Holy Javelin Jerius 7star Attack Human Peace
Victorious Lagna 7star All-Around Human Peace
Assassin King Creed 7star All-Around Human Creation
Holy Witch Char 7star Attack Human Peace
Great Warrior Holy 7star Defense Human Peace
Pirate Goddess Para 7star Attack Human Creation
Beach Queen Vira 7star Defense Human Creation
Master Miranda 7star Defense Human Destruction
Sun Knight Warren 7star Defense Human Creation
Magic Sword Goddess Irene 7star Attack Human Creation
King of Martial Arts Yuno 7star Attack Human Peace
Deadly Poison Archer Alex 7star All-Around Human Creation
Breath of Blood Yuria 7star Attack Human Destruction
Phoenix Anna 7star Attack Human Peace
Ice Wizard Riu 7star Defense Human Destruction
Storm Warrior Ian 7star Defense Human Peace
Baldur Knights
Hero Grade Class Alignment
Arrogant Fighter 1star Attack Human
Violent Fighter 1star Attack Human
Dangerous Fighter 2star Attack Human
Reckless Fighter 2star Attack Human
Skilled Fighter 3star Attack Human
Infantry 1star Defense Human
Chaser 1star Defense Human
Raider 2star Defense Human
Guard 2star Defense Human
Archer's Apprentice 3star Attack Human
Intermediate Archer 3star Attack Human
Advanced Archer 3star Attack Human
Priest's Apprentice 1star Support Human
Intermediate Priest 1star Support Human
Advanced Priest 3star Support Human
Fire Enchanter 3star All-Around Human
Ice Enchanter 3star All-Around Human
Lightning Enchanter 4star All-Around Human
Dignified Lyonnesse 2star All-Around Human
Dutiful Lyonnesse 2star All-Around Human
Strong Lyonnesse 3star All-Around Human
Invincible Lyonnesse (5 Star) 5star All-Around Human
Hero Lyonnesse 6star All-Around Human
Novice Nurse 3star Support Human
Senior Nurse 4star Support Human
Veteran Nurse 5star Support Human
Head Nurse 6star Support Human
Wandering Knight Aaron 3star Defense Human
Free Knight Aaron 4star Defense Human
Holy Knight Aaron 5star Defense Human
Fire Ifrita 3star All-Around Human
Ice Ifrita 3star All-Around Human
Lightning Ifrita 4star All-Around Human
Flame Ifrita 5star All-Around Human
Evolved Ifrita 6star All-Around Human
Gunman Kana 3star Attack Human
Ace Marksman Kana 5star Attack Human
Dead Shot Kana 6star Attack Human
Patrol Darek 3star Attack Human
Guard Darek 4star Attack Human
Head Guard Darek 5star Attack Human
God of Archery Darek 6star Attack Human
Guardian Ent 3star Support Human
Interrogator Ent 4star Support Human
Judge Ent 6star Support Human
Skilled Hunter Warp 4star Attack Human
Great Hunter Warp 5star Attack Human
Master Hunter Warp 6star Attack Human
Wanderer Song 3star Attack Human
Troubadour Song 5star Attack Human
Songstress Song 6star Attack Human
Cynthia of Light 3star Support Human
Cynthia of Moonlight 4star Support Human
Shooting Star Cynthia 5star Support Human
Cynthia of Sun 6star Support Human
Fighter Mistra 3star All-Around Human
Warrior Mistra 4star All-Around Human
Hero Mistra 6star All-Around Human
Wandering Swordsman Alba 4star All-Around Human
Roaming Swordsman Alba 5star All-Around Human
Great Archer Huntles 3star All-Around Human
Master Archer Huntles 4star All-Around Human
Great Pirate Para 4star Attack Human
Captain Para 6star Attack Human
Red Fire Remus 4star Attack Human
Dark Fire Remus 5star Attack Human
Morgan of Darkness 4star All-Around Human
Holy Morgan 5star All-Around Human
Javelin Jerius 5star Attack Human
Godly Javelin Jerius 6star Attack Human
Warlord Lagna 6star All-Around Human
Assassin Creed 3star All-Around Human
Dark Soul Creed 5star All-Around Human
Creed of Illusion 6star All-Around Human
Great Witch Char 6star Attack Human
Saint Warrior Holy 6star Defense Human
Mechanic Ciel 4star Attack Human
Powerful Ciel 5star Attack Human
Master Ciel 6star Attack Human
Swordsman Sion 4star Attack Human
Fast Sword Sion 5star Attack Human
Light Sword Sion 6star Attack Human
Destructive Lana 4star All-Around Human
Catastrophic Lana 5star All-Around Human
Deadly Lana 6star All-Around Human
Ice Master Dean 4star Attack Human
Ice Prince Dean 5star Attack Human
Ice Emperor Dean 6star Attack Human
Nun Tia 4star Support Human
Head Nun Tia 5star Support Human
Saintess Tia 6star Support Human
Beach Vira 6star Defense Human
Craftwoman Miranda 6star Defense Human
Light Knight Warren 6star Defense Human
Magic Sword Irene 6star Attack Human
Martial Artist Yuno 6star Attack Human
Poison Archer Alex 6star All-Around Human
Red Breath Yuria 6star Attack Human
Fire Bird Anna 6star Attack Human
Ice Magician Riu 6star Defense Human
Whirlwind Warrior Ian 6star Defense Human