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Min was released at the same time Extreme Upgrade was added to the game. Usually, when a 6-Star Hero is to be Extreme Upgraded, a matching hero is needed. However, Min may be used instead, making her a wild card for Extreme Upgrade material and a very valuable resource in the game. She was originally only offered through the Extreme Hero Draw in the Ruby Shop for 540 Rubies. Her price was later halved to 270 Rubies as part of a sale and the new price was eventually made the permanent norm during an update. Min has also since been included as 28th Check-In reward for a month as well as being purchasable after a successful Boss Raid for 2000 Gems.

Supporter StatsEdit

  • Skill- Book of Knowledge (Cooldown 19sec): Throws a book with magic powers to inflict 47% of the Attack Power as damage multiple times.
  • Bonus Effect- DEF Down: Decreases the Defense of the attacked enemy by 80% with a 70% chance for 7sec.
  • Supporter Effect- Transfer 25% of your Attack Power, 25% of your Defense, and 25% of your HP to the Leader.

Dimension Gate and Special DungeonEdit

Hero Researcher Min may be used in the following Dimension Gates:

  • Hazling Dungeon

Hero Researcher Min may also be used in the EX Stage of the following Special Dungeon:

  • This hero cannot be used in an EX Stage.


  • Min is the only 6-Star Hero that cannot Awaken.
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