Arena is SoulSeeker's PvP system that allows a player's own team to battle against another, both controlled by the Auto setting. Players have the option to choose whether to use Auto Skill or not.

Each week, rankings are tallied based on the scores achieved by all participating players. Scores are tabulated as follows:

  • Each player starts the week with 1000 points.
  • A win in the Arena will start a winning streak and, with each win, the player adds
    10 + (Streak Number-1)
    • i.e.- if a player scored 10 on the first win, 11, on the second win, 12 on the third win, and so on
  • Losing will result in a reduction of 10 points from the player's Arena Score.
  • Points for a player's opponent are never affected by any fight.


  • Exiting the game during a fight will result in a loss for the player. The shield spent to enter the fight will still be gone, though the game will not add to the number of Arena entrances.
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