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• 9/1/2015

Welcome and Help!

Hi. First of all, welcome to the Soul Seeker wiki. I'm vern, the guy who took over.

Second, I really need help. I've more or less been doing most of this on my own. I'm trying to at least get all Hero images and pages made, but there's over 200 heroes and it's something I have to dedicate a decent chunk of time doing every time I sit down to do it. But, I've hopefully set up all the pages so far to be easily edited with all the missing information. If you have questions, just ask me on my wall. And also, it'd be awesome if anyone could start bringing people in.

What I truly need with is filling in all the stat information on hero pages. That's the biggest concern to me right now. It's a massive undertaking though but it would really help.

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• 9/6/2015

I will try and help ya!

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